Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia
by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz, 1599

Alte Pinakothek, München

sleeve cuff skirt fabric tip of bodice tip of greatsleeve head

Isabella Clara Eugenia, Princess of Spain:
* 12/8/1566 Segovia
+ 1/12/1633 Brussel
daughter of Philip II of Spain and Elisabeth de Valois
Married Erzherzog (archduke) Albrecht the Pious of Austria, who became regent of the Netherlands. After Albrecht died, she ruled as a governor for her nephew, the king of Spain, for the 12 years until her own death.
This is a highly formal marriage portrait, paired with one of her husband which is also in the Pinakothek.

An anecdote about the infanta relates that when her husband besieged Oostende, she swore she wouldn't change her chemise until the city was conquered. She put on a white chemise in June 1601, and took off an isabelline one in September 1604.
(Not that it was unusual in those days to wear a shirt for a month...)

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz:
* 1553 Madrid
+ 26/10/1608 Madrid
painter to the Spanish court under Philip II and III




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