17th Century Baroque Fashion, 1665-1699

Photographs of extant costumes are on the V&A page.

here be music
Lady by Vermeer, 1665

note fur edging and compare to Ter Borch's Glass of Lemonade
Frick Collection, New York

Peasant Woman by Karel Dujardin, c1665

Alte Pinakothek, München

Chancellor Séguier by Charles Lebrun The Cook by Gabriel Metsu, c1665

Alte Pinakothek, München

Unknown Gentleman by Dujardin, 1666


Louis XIV and Courtier, 1660s
The Harpsichord Lesson by Jan Steen

Wallace Collection, London

Maid by Vermeer, 1667

National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Idlers by Jan Steen Noble Couple by A. van den Tempel
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Mistress and Maid by Hoch Lady at Harpsichord by Vermeer, 1670

National Gallery, London

Dancing Party by Art des Gonzales Cocques Unknown Woman by A. van den Tepmel, 1670

Ermitage, St. Petersburg

Lady at harpsichord by Vermeer, 1670

National Gallery, London

Leiden Baker and Wife by Jan Steen
Gentleman in Rhingraves by Sebastien Leclerc Figues à la mode by Romeyn de Hooghe
Unknown Noblewoman

Residenz, München

Flemish Lady, artist unknown
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Unknown Lady, anon. Fashion Shop by Bérain, 1678
Lady in Court Dress by Bonnard Lady and Gentleman by Leclerc, 1679
Lady on a wall paiting in Hamburg

Museum für hamburgische Geschichte

Gentleman on a wall paiting in Hamburg

Museum für hamburgische Geschichte

Lady and Gentleman by Bonnard, 1680 Ice Skating by Romeyn de Hooghe, c. 1680
Françoise "la Maintenant" d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon by P. Mignard, c1680 Louise de Kérouale by Pierre Mignard, 1682

National Portrait Gallery, London

Lady in Manteau by Bonnard Lady in Hunting Dress by Bonnard, c. 1690
here be music
Prince Ligne by Schenck Levee de Louis XIV, artist unknown, 1680s/90s
Lady in Manteau by Bonnard Anna Maria de' Medici in Hunting Dress by Douwen
In the Park of Schleißheim Palace, 1690s

Schloß Nymphenburg, München

Louis XIV by Antoine Masson, 1697




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