Mary Villiers
by Anthonis van Dijck, 1636

head bodice & sleeve hand & skirt fabric

Mary Villiers:
* 3/1622
# 28/11/1685
Duchess of Richmond and Lennox
Daughter of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, and Catherine Manners. Brought up at court after her father was assassinated. Married Sir Charles Herbert, Lord of Shurland, in 1635, aged 13, and was widowed only about a year later. She then married James Stuart, 1st Duke of Richmond, 4th Duke of Lennox, in 1637, and a third time after her second husband died. The portrait is believed to have been painted around the time of her first marriage.

Anthonis van Dijck aka Anthony van Dyck:
* 22/3/1599
+ 9/12/1641
Son of a wealthy silk merchant, student of Rubens, painter to the court of Charles I of England (who knighted him). One of the most influential and successful portrait painters of his time, noted especially for his ability to depict the lustre of fabrics.



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