18th Century Late Baroque and Rococo Fashion, 1761-1779


Photographs of extant costumes are on the V&A page.

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Dancing Lesson by Longhi


Winter by Boucher
Marquise de Llano by Anton Raphael Mengs Warren Hastings by Reynolds, c. 1765
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Maria Leszczynska, Queen of France by Jean-Marc Nattier The Swing by Fragonard, 1766

Wallace Collection, London

Henrietta Vernon, Lady Grosvernor by Gainsborough, 1766/67

Collection of the Duke of Westminster, London

Mme Freret-Déricour by Duplessis, 1769

Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City

Singer by Fragonard, 1769

note lace collar: seen from time to time in this period, but not typical

Singer by Fragonard, 1769
Captain Philemon Pownall by Reynolds, 1769

Neue Pinakothek, München

The Love Letter by Fragonard, 1770s

Metropolitan, New York

Katharina II of Russia by Fedor Rokotov, 1770 Christophe Gabriel Allegrain by Duplessis, 1770s
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Louis XV of France by A. Monsian Captain Wade by Gainsborough, 1771
Katherine Graves by John S. Copley, 1770s

North Carolina Museum of Art

Margarethe Amalia Meyer, a rich merchant's wife, 1773

Museum für hamburgische Geschichte

Jean Rousseau Burney by Edward Francis Burney The Linley Sisters by Gainsborough, 1772

Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

Standing Woman by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1772 Girl in Underwear by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, c1775

Neue Pinakothek, München

Wilhelmine Encke Countess Lichtenau by Anna Dorothea Therbusch The Honourable Mrs Graham by Gainsborough, 1775-77

National Gallery, Edinborough

Frances Duncombe by Gainsborough, 1777 Fürst Nassau by Vigée-Lebrun, 1776

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Carl Friedrich Abel by Gainsborough, 1777

Huntingdon Art Collections, San Marino

Mrs Grace D. Elliott by Gainsborough, c 1778
Lady in Blue by Gainsborough The Marlborough Family left, right by Gainsborough, c. 1778
French Courtiers by Defosses


Rendez-vous pour Marly by Moreau le Jeune


Marie-Antoinette of France by Vigée-Lebrun, c.1779 Sir William Pepperrell and Family, by John Singleton Copley, 1778
Marie Antoinette of France, artist unknown, 1780s Family Scene after Lawrence
Marie-Antoinette of France by Vigée-Lebrun, c.1779

same as the one before, only with a slightly different dress

The Artist's Family by Johann Anton Tischbein, 1779

Museum für hamburgische Geschichte




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