19th Century Fashion Pictures (1810-1859)


Photographs of extant costumes are on the V&A page.

Find some of the pattern counterparts of the fashion pictures (marked *) on the pattern page.

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Mother and Child, 1810 Dandy by Horace Vernet, 1814 22K
Lady, 1829 Viennese Fashion, 1830
Viennese Fashion, 1830 Viennese Fashion, 1830

Lady and Boy, 1830

possibly mis-dated - later 1830s?

24K Equestrian Costumes, 1835
Walking and Evening Toilette, 1835 Visiting Toilette and Ball Dress, 1847 40K
House Dress, Visiting Dress, Spring 1848 49K City Dress, House Dress, 1848 37K
Ball Dresses, Summer 1848 53K Ball Dress, Spring 1850
House Dress, Walking Dress, Spring 1850 Ball Dress, Wedding Dress, Summer 1850
Ball Dresses, February 1852 66K Grand Evening Toilette, Dress for Elderly Lady, Ball Dress for Miss of 16, March 1852 49K
House or Walking Dress, Child's, Walking Dress, May 1852 80K House Dress, boy of 20-25 months, nurse, July 1852 66K
Ball Dress for Young Girl, Walking Dress, December 1852 52K Toilette de Promenade, 1852

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Ball Dress, Walking Dress, 1854 Ball Dress, Opera Dress, January 1858 56K
Dinner Dresses, March 1858 78K Riding Habits, April 1858 47K
Ball Dress, Evening Dress, July 1858 64K House Dress, 1858 41K
New-Style Dress, Summer 1858 42K Carriage Dress, Walking Dress, December 1858 61K
Evening Dresses, January 1859 Evening Dress, Dinner Dress, July 1859
Evening Dress, Walking Dress, September 1859 Riding Habit, 1859




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