19th Century Fashion Pictures (1876-1884)


Photographs of extant costumes are on the V&A page.

Find some of the pattern counterparts of the fashion pictures (marked *) on the pattern page.

here be music
Walking dress, January 1877 38K Walking dress, March 1877 25K
Walking dress, March 1877 29K Duchess Paletot*, March 1877 29K
House dress, April 1877 33K Riding-habit, May 1877 27K
Redingote for deshabillé*, May 1877 63K City Dresses, June 1877 75K
Directoire habit bodice* (front), June 1877 32K Directoire habit bodice* (back), 1877 57K
Skirt with train balayeuse*, July 1877 30K Breton jacket*, August 1877 43K
Breton tunic*, August 1877 39K Dinner or evening dress, September 1877 42K
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Walking dress, October 1877 36K Windsor Pelisse*, October 1877 33K
Fichu Mantelet*, November 1877 59K toilette de promenade*, costume riche*, little girl's costume, summer 1878 68K
young girl's toilette*, ceremonial toilette* ,confection riche, summer 1878 76K young girl's soirée dress*, young lady's ball gown*, little girl's soirée dress *, winter 1879 67K
city toilette, visiting dress, dress for an outing, winter 1879 75K young lady's costume*, toilette de promenade*, confection, autumn 1880
detail of embroidery on confection

1. blue grisaille and blue-checked fabric, 2. beige wool with revers of plain cloth and gilet, 3. schouddas with mantelet-like jacket and pearl embroidery

little girl's dress and dress of black patterned faille*, spring 1880 78K wedding costumes: maid of honour*, bride*, young lady*, spring 1880
detail of young lady's skirt drapery
deshabillé (morning dress), autumn 1880

of pale blue voile de religieuse with decoration of velvet strips

31K house toilette, spring 1880 61K
costume de promenade, spring 1880 26K costume of beige surah, robe, autumn 1880

1. with silk embroidery and point d'esprit tulle and, 2. black surah and grenadine brochée embroidered with pearls, jabot of bretonne lace


here be music

wedding group, spring 1880

from left to right: Habit Buckingham of garnet-red faille, pink surah costume in English form for 10 yr old girl, amethyst-coloured radzimir costume with silk skirt and Raguse lace for motherof bride, bride in white atlas and Amure silk with Aguille lace, young girl's costume of fine blue wool and Turkish broché

116K half-season coat with buttoned side and back seams, autumn 1880 61K
Evening, Visiting, Walking, Dinner Toilettes, 1880 Walking Dress, Visiting Dress, February 1883 75K
Carriage Dress, February 1883 45K Walking Dress, March 1883 41K
Promenade Dress, House Dress, June 1883 94K Two Dresses, June 1883 90K
Walking Dress, Visiting Dress, October 1883 76K Carriage Dress, House Dress, October 1883 77K
Ball Dress, Wedding Dress, October 1883 92K Gentleman and Two Ladies, 1883
Lady and Gentleman, 1883 Costume of dark blue summer serge, April 1884

Trimmed with red and blue braid, polonaise fastens at the sides with small dark silver arrows

Gym Suit, 1884 39K House Dress, July 1884

Havana brown cashmere, ornaments of passementerie, velvet vest

Walking Dress, Visiting Dress, June 1884

Light fawn ottoman silk and woolen plaid in fawn and copper red checks. Black grenadine with velvet vest panels down the side





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