Fashion of the Golden Twenties (1920-23)


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French agitation in Bavaria, caricature by Olaf Gulbransson, 1920 Tailor Suit of Woolen Goods, August 1920
Mourning Dresses, August 1920 Dress for Lady of Middle Age, December 1920
Dress of Velvet and Satin with Velvet Balls, December 1920, Velvet Coat, December 1920
Mourning Coat, December 1920 Simple Suit, Coat with Adjustable Collar, Suit with 3/4 Length Jacket, 1921
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Two Blouses* in the New Fashion, 1923 Blouse With Large Collar and Pleats*, 1923 40K
Two Costumes, a fur coat and a crocheted paletot, September 1923 Three Outdoor Suits, 1923:
Coat with lower part cut separately, two-piece suit in the modern smoking shape*, sport suit*.
Dress For an Elderly Lady*, 1923 18K Suit for an Elderly Lady*, 1923 20K
Evening Dresses, September 1923 Morning dress, Serge Dress, September 1923
Bathing Suits, 1923 15K Jazz Singer Bessie Smith, 1920s 24K




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