Fashion of the Thirties (1930-37)

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Two Summer Dresses, July 1930 Ensemble of Dress and Coat, July 1930
Dress of Printed Fabric, July 1930 Bathing Suits, July 1930
Dresses for the evening, July 1930 Spring and summer costume of wool, spring 1932 23K
Spring and summer costume (wool), spring 1932 33K Two Summer Dresses, spring 1932 31K
Two Summer Dresses, spring 1932 19K Coat-dress of light wool, spring 1932 18K
Spring Street Suits*, 1934 Embroidered Summer Dresses*, 1934
Blouses*, 1934 Blouses*, 1934
Summer Afternoon Dresses, 1934 Summer Afternoon Dresses, lower: Derby Dress, April 1936
Linen Beach Dress, April 1936 Beach Pyjamas, Tennis Dress, July 1936
Afternoon Dresses, July 1936 Swimsuit, July 1936
Evening Dresses, January 1937 Outdoor Winter Fashions, January 1937




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