Early 20th Century Sewing Patterns

The patterns without a year are from a 1908 book and not for a certain design, but rather generic pieces of clothing. The rest is up to you. Instructions from the 1908 book are here. If not stated otherwise, the skirt hip width is 98, waist 60 for those generic patterns.

Click on the link in the right column to see a picture of the finished garment. Detailed technique directions for various clothing items are in the HowTo area. For instructions on enlarging the patterns to the original size, please visit the Resizing Historical Patterns page.
The abbreviations: BW = bust width, WW = waist width, HW = hip width. All measurements are in centimetres.

Skirt Victoria, 1901 finished
Skirt Astarté, 1901 finished
Rational Dress Princess Robe, 1901 finished
Travel Coat, 1901 finished
Skirt-trousers for cycling, 1901 finished
Skirt without back seam, 1901 finished
Skirt for Promenade Dress, 1901 finished
Skirt for Tailor Suit, 1901 finished
Skirt for Visiting Toilette, 1901 finished
Top Fabric for Blouse, 1903  
Taille BW 90, WW 59  
Taille BW 94, WW 60  
Taille BW 98, WW 64  
sleeve for taille, upper arm width 35, elbow 30, wrist 20, length 44  
sleeve for taille, upper arm 40, elbow 36, wrist 24, length 47  
standing collar, width 36  
3 part skirt simple 3-part skirt
5 part skirt  
7 part skirt  
9 part skirt finished 9 part skirt
corselet skirt finished
blouse simple offce blouses
princess dress, no size given court dress with princess cut
empire dress, no size given finished
English taille or tailor's jacket, BW 96, WW 62  
English paletot  
empire coat  
bodice and sleeve for ball dress insofar as it is different from a basic taille pattern  
reformed princess dress reformed house dress
reformed bra, back, front, breast pad finished
reformed drawers, part 1, part 2
reformed shirt-drawers front, back finished
corset, pattern*, text explaining the parts and makeup, overview showing how the parts fit together. (These are scans of the original pattern: part 1, part 2, part3, part 4) finished


*) This is a cleaned-up version of the original pattern that a fellow costumer was kind enough to let me use.

I'd LOVE to get feedback about costumes you've created using these patterns. Please tell me how you managed, let me know any hints I should include in instructions, and maybe even send a picture! I guarantee that I will only use it to satisfy my personal curiosity, but never publish it unless you expressly consent.



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