Timeline 5: 1920-1930



The waist drops further and is emphasised by sashes or belts.
Large shawl collars stay in favour until about 1924.
Skirts are still slightly flared.
Hair is medium long with locks at the base.


The waistline drops even more; any hint of a female curve is obscured. The "Garçonne Look" has finally arrived.
Skirts become straighter, less flared.
Apart from that, not much change from the previous years.


Rather suddenly, the silhouette becomes very slim and straight.
The waistline has moved below the hip.
Skirts become shorter.
The width of the skirt doesn't spring from the bodice anymore, but is pleated and attached to the bodice, thus forming a straight line.



The waist has dropped to its lowest pointat upper thigh level. Fake belts emphasise it.
Skirts become still a bit shorter, ending just below the knee - shorter than any time before.
Pot-shaped hats and very short hair, laid into wavy lines.
The fashion of c. 1925-28 is closest to our image of the "typical" 1920s.


The waist crawls back up and now sits at about hip height.
Asymmetry is the word of the day: asymmetric necklines, diagonal sashe and hemlines.
Skirt hems are widened with long wedge-shaped inserts, known as godets.
Note how this figure is unnaturally lengthened in comparison to the 1930 one, and more so in comparison with the 1921 one.



The waist has almost reached its natural place again, but female curves are still obscured.
Asymmetry has vanished after only one year in favour.
Skirts become longer, hairdos don't.



The pictures were taken from the magazines Petit Journal de la Mode and Praktische Damen- und Kinder-Mode.



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