15th Century:
Burgundian Gothic and
Italian Renaissance, 1450-1499

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Birth of Mary (1) by the Meister des Marienlebens, c1460 Birth of Mary (2) from same painting
Unknown Man by Diederic Bouts, 1462

National Gallery, London

Commoner from Martyrdom of St Erasmus by Dieric Bouts, 3rd quarter
The Bosses from same painting School of Tamaste by Benozzo Gozzoli, 1464
Unknown Woman by Alessio Baldovinetti, 3rd quarter Maria Maddalena Baroncelli by Hans Memling, c1470

Metropolitan, New York

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Lovers, c. 1470

Cleveland Museum of Art

Musician by Leonardo da Vinci, probably 1470s
Fresco from Camera degli Sposi (Mantova) by Andrea Mantegna, 1474 St Tobias by a follower of Verrochio, 1470/80
Young Men from Adoration Group by Sandro Botticelli, probably 1470s Madonna, from Prague, before 1489


Pfalzgraf Philipp der Aufrichtige and Johann von Soest, 1480


Nephews of Pope Sixtus by Melozzo da Forlì, c1480
Unknown Man by Memling, probably 1480s Martin van Nieuwenhove by Memling, 1487

Hospital of St. John, Bruges

Scene from the Life of St Mary by Meister der Aachener Marientafeln, c. 1485


Tommaso Portinari by Memling, 1487

Uffizi, Firenze

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Pierre II, Duc de Bourbon by Jean Hey, probably 1480s Marie de Bourgogne anonymous, after 1482
Giovanna Tornabuoni by Domenico Ghilandaio, 1488

Coll. Thyssen-Bornemisza, Lugano

83K Duet by Israhel van Meckenem, c1490

Metropolitan, New York

Donor by the Master of Moulins, c1490 Margarethe of Austria by Hey, c1490

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Lady by Neroccio, c1490 Young Albrecht Dürer by himself, 1493

Prado, Madrid

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Young Nobleman by Vittore Carpaccio, early 1490s Procession in the Piazza San Marco by Gentile Bellini, 1496
Albrecht Dürer by himself, 1498

Prado, Madrid

Oswalt Krel by Dürer, 1499
St Catherine by Memling

Metropolitan, New York

Ambassadors by Carpaccio
Adoration of the Virgin (1), probably late 15th ct.

Frauenkirche, München

Adoration of the Virgin (2), probably late 15th ct.

Frauenkirche, München

Most of these images are owed to Carol Gerten Jackson's CGFA - probably the best art resource on the web. Thanks!




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