Katherine Graves
by John Singleton Copley, c. 1770

head fichu gloves & skirt fabric

Katherine Graves:
* 1717
+ 1778
Daughter of a judge from Charlestown, Massachusetts, married judge James Russell. She looks a young, though wide, 60+ in her grandmaish lace bonnet, the modest fichu, stiff apron and pulse-warmers. Both the fichu and gown are obviously rich satin. Brown was a "modest", elderly colour, but her dress is an appetising, rich coffee colour. Observe the wonderful flow of the fabric!

John Singleton Copley:
* 3/7/1738 Boston
+ 9/9/1815 London
Son of Irish immigrants. An early, self-taught American painter. The "serious" protestants there had little use for art except portraits, which may be the cause of his going to England in the 1770s.



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