Fashion Pictures 1900-1908

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Confection by Gibson, 1901 Evening Toilette, 1902
Four Designs for the Same Basic Waist, 1902 Eton Toilette & Long Coat, 1902
Kimono Coat & Habit Louis XV, 1902 Afternoon Gowns, 1902
Evening Gown, 1902 Tea Gown with Bishop Sleeves, 1902
Three Designs for one Waist, 1902 3-part Skirt with Train, 1902
Children's Fashions, 1902 Gym Suit, 1902

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Two Promenade Suits, c. 1900-05 58K Empire Ball Dress, February 1096
Embroidered Empire Ball Dress, Feb. 1906 Empire Street Dress, Feb. 1906
Spring Suit of Grey Wool, 1906 Spring Dress of Black Astrachan and Black Wool with Bolero, 1906
Walking Dress, Garden Party Dress for Young Woman, 1907
detail of right taille
Reception Toilette, 1907
Afternoon Dress, 1907 Beach Dress, 1907
9-part skirt*, 1908 22K simple office blouses*, 1908 19K
simple sport and travel blouses, 1908 21K kimono sleeve blouse, 1908 12K
simple 3-part skirt*, 1908 14K Empire-inspired Poiret designs, 1908




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