Fashion Pictures 1915-1919

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Suit for Young Lady, January 1915 Afternoon Dress, January 1915
City Dress, January 1915 Suit with Pleated Skirt, Spring 1915
Spring & Summer Dresses, 1915 Velvet Suit with Lynx Fur, November 1915
Tailor Suits, February 1916 Dinner Dress, February 1916
Spring Tailor Suits, 1916 Three Autumn Dresses, 1916
Gabardine Dress, February 1916 Afternoon Dress, August 1916
New Tailor Suits, August 1916 Afternoon Dress, August 1916
Mourning (?) Dress, January 1917 Dress of Faille, January 1917
Elegant Dress, January 1917 City Dress, January 1917
House Dress, January 1917 Summer Dresses, August 1917
Walking Dress, August 1917 Evening Dress, Elegant Afternoon Dress, Feb 1918
Evening Dress, February 1918 Evening Dress, February 1918
Dress of Crêpe de Chine, January 1919 Dress of Woolen Goods, January 1919
Dress of Cotton Velvet, January 1919 Blouses, 1919
Blouses, 1919 Night-Dresses, 1919




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